Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Late Night Snacks

I really like all of the roommates that I have. Everyone seems to bring something to the plate, Tom, Gene, Jeff, and occasionally Humberto. We have some good times. We even bought Rock Band. Fortunately Jeff failed miserably at the drums. Now he is our theatrical lead singer. What he doesn't possess in talent he makes up for in performance. We are a pretty amazing ensemble.

We went out to eat two nights ago at like midnight. We ate a lot. Yeah, those four plates and the bowl in front of me are all mine. Unfortunately our server was a little older and didn't have the steadiest of hands.

I bought a new car. My faithful little Camry had the little transmission that decided it couldn't anymore so I had to make another automobile purchase. Not what I particularly wanted to do, but I am happy about it.

I've met some cool girls out here at different things. If only they weren't from California.

We decided we needed to do something cool for the fourth. So Saturday we are taking off to go to San Francisco to party a little. We got a sweet room in the Hilton a few blocks from the bay for a hundred bucks. I'm pretty excited about it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I left out one of the best parts of the last story. This was left on my car during church.