Monday, February 18, 2013

Breakfast With Tate

Six months ago we were hurting for some money so I called an alarm company I used to work for, and a few days later we headed to California.  I think we were only there for a week, but it was a good trip, and Shelby loved that we let her sleep on the other bed.  Though she still seemed a little put off that we wouldn't let her cuddle in ours.

The fun thing about the trip was that we completely forgot Candice and Adam were there too, and only like forty-five minutes away.  We decided to go see them one night after I got off, and we showed up a little after the kids had gone to bed.  Brea and I slept on a mattress in the living room.  That is until we heard, "Mr. Jones, how did you get here?!?!" from a tiny little voice.  At five in the morning.  Despite our repeated attempts to get Tate to go back to bed, and our insistence that Shelby was definitely not Mr. Jones, we spent the next fifteen minutes hearing about Mr. Jones' new spots on his belly, and about how much he likes carrots.  We were very grateful when Adam showed up to haul him off.

However, he is a dang funny kid.  With some kinda crazy imagination in that little head of his.  I decided to video him eating breakfast, just so you could have a little taste of it.  And now I have no idea where it is, so I suppose these will have to do.

Found them but blogger wouldn't let them upload.  So YouTube it is.  They're a bit long and slow but probably still worth watching.