Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Helping When I Can

After going out to lunch the other day with Brea and Tom, someone in the parking lot asked us if we had anything to get into a car. They had locked their keys in their car and the guy was about to try to be tough and break the window (I probably should have let him try at least once).

Turns out I have a lot of stuff in my trunk. The coat hanger failed, as this was the hardest kind of car to get into. I tried to lower the window more by hooking the handle, since they were the manual-open kind. That failed. I tried everything I could think of. However the window was open about two inches. So I went back to my toolbox. I got my needle nose pliers and two 12 inch drill bits. With electrical tape I taped them to the handles. I flexed the window back and shoved my hand though the tiny opening. Then I handed myself my pliers, angles it down, and pulled up on the lock. Awesome.