Thursday, November 7, 2013

So We Went to Europe: Leaving the US

We got on our plane in Phoenix around 6.  Sometime in the afternoon we made it to Charlotte and found some delicious burgers that I had seen on some food show (Bad Daddy's Burger Bar).  And that was the good in Charlotte.  The bad is they needed to repair a seat in the plane.  Which took hours.  And then they closed the airport for about fifteen minutes because of a storm.  After the airport was reopened they spent another thirty minutes working on the seat, and then we started boarding.  I am wondering about this time, what could be so difficult to fix about a seat?!  Apparently, a lot.  When we finally boarded, they had removed the entire back rests of two seats!!

Anyways.  We finally take off hours late and of course land five minutes after our flight to Glasgow had left.  They give us a new itinerary with a flight leaving in four hours, landing in London, and then another eight hour layover before we went to Glasgow.  After about an hour of angry phone calls and talking to different customer service personnel, I did not get upgraded to first class since they blamed the entire delay on the fifteen minutes of inclement weather, and the best I could arrange was to end the flight in London.  Oh and then we got stuck on the runway with another plane malfunction for two hours.  So slightly after midnight Friday night we were finally on our way.