Sunday, January 25, 2009

Position Filled

I know that many of you will be sad to hear, but yes, the position has been filled. After tedious review of the 3,481 applicants' resumes, further intensive interviews, and rigorous field tests, I have finally found my Wingman.

Congratulations Collin. a.k.a. "the Ox."

Dating Friends Girlfriends and Sharing Ice Cream With Random Guys

Friday Christin was working, Tyler wanted to go to bed, which left Ariana and I. So here I am hanging out with one of my best friend's girlfriends deciding what to do other than just watch a movie. She decides that we should go to Yogurtini. So off we go.

At this yogurt shop with my friend's girlfriend, I start talking to another guy that is there with his girlfriend. There are a lot of options at this place, so we all start grabbing tasting cups to make our decision. Ariana and I do, and after finishing our yogurt, stop to ask the couple about their choice.

"It's not bad, but these mango taste like fish," he says. "Will you try one?"

I look questioningly at this guy, but decided it really can't hurt, so I go get a spoon and have one of his mangoes. It was a little weird, sharing yogurt with a guy that I had just met. I don't think that I am going to make a habit of it. For the record, they tasted a lot like mangoes. Not fish.

I'm glad Ariana is still my friend to drag me around and make sure I still have things to blog about.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Wingman Wanted: Applications Now Being Accepted

Even though most won't admit it, guys have the secret fear of their bros getting into a relationship, or worse, getting married. After that, things just seem to change. They feel a little like this:

Two of my best friends in the whole world, Ariana and Tyler, are now officially dating. I am very happy about this. I don't want this post to seem like that. However, I am a little like the "weird uncle Ted" now. I know that I have been in different relationships over the last year and Ariana and Christin might have felt a little like this. But this time it is a bro and one of my best friends. It just seems a little sad. You see, I am now in need of a wingman. For the past eight months or so, I have had Tyler to fly next to me. It's been great. We work well together, we anticipate combat maneuvers before the other moves. This is how it was, and how it should be:

So I am now in search of another wingman. I feel a little like Barney:

I am very happy for my two friends. I will be okay. Though it is hard to find a good wingman, I still have hope. I know I will have to weed through a few before I find the right one, as there exist too many of these:

Resumes may be posted in comments below.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love in the Stars

I have dated quite a few girls in my life. If you were to put them in a line-up you would find very little in common between them. Some are taller, some are shorter, some are very skinny, some are a little bigger, some are members of the church, some are not, some have short blonde hair, some have long brown hair, pale, tan, glasses, big lips, small chests, green eyes, etc. I don't really think I have "a type".

I have realized however that I have a tendency to date older girls. I have really only dated two girls that were younger than me. Not only do I date older girls, but they are almost always a year and a half older than me, plus or minus about a month. I told Christin this the other night and she decided to see what the horoscopes had to say about this particular occurrence. I am a Libra. Two of my last three girlfriends were Pisces, the other was an Aries. I am working on investigating the rest.

According to :

Libra and Pisces

When Libra and Pisces come together in a love affair, theirs is a congenial and even-tempered romance. These two Signs are very compatible, making for a truly smooth-sailing love affair. Both Signs are attuned to life's aesthetic side, but they also have much to offer one another: When Pisces gets lost in a fantasy, Libra can apply that Libran proclivity for balance to help get Pisces back on track, and Pisces can return the favor by helping Libra see the beauty in love and empathy. This is an honest partnership that values truth and harmony in itself and in the world.

Libra and Pisces make great friends as well as lovers. They understand one another: Both can be indecisive and tend to work in multiple directions at once. Problems between these two are rare, but Libra can at times be too mentally manipulating for Pisces. Sometimes they can also stop mid-action due to both of their indecisive natures; if these two work on a project together -- either their love relationship or something else -- it can be difficult to get it to move forward. If these two do have an argument, they do tend to forgive and forget quickly: Libra abhors conflict and will do almost anything to avoid it, and Pisces possesses great empathy and can forgive out of understanding for their partner's position.

Libra is ruled by Venus (Love) and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter (Luck) and Neptune (Illusions). These Signs are quite compatible due to the feminine energies of Venus and Neptune working in tandem. Under Jupiter and Neptune's rule, Pisces is intensely meditative, philosophical and internal. Under Venus's influence, Libra is in love with love. Libra is the Sign of Partnership and always is more comfortable when in an intimate love affair.

Libra and Aries

When Aries and Libra come together in a love affair, the inherent polarity of the Zodiac is invoked. Aries and Libra are directly opposite one another in the Zodiac -- 180 degrees apart. Each Sign possesses qualities that the other lacks; combined with Libra's natural yen for harmony, this can be a relationship that enjoys great balance. Aries is the Sign of Self while Libra is the Sign of Partnership, and the differences continue: Aries is impulsive, excitable and ready to jump right into something new and exciting, while Libra is indecisive, peace-loving and prefers a calm, smooth approach. Aries can learn from Libra that their own way isn't necessarily the best way.

These two Signs share the great sexual attraction common to all Signs opposite in polarity. At the same time, though this pair's connection is amazing when it's good, it can be extremely challenging when it's bad. All polarities have energies that tend to tangle or knot if understandings can't be reached. As a combination, Aries and Libra are well-balanced. Charming, cultured Libra can teach brash Aries something about style. Libra prizes harmony in a relationship and will go to great lengths to maintain it. Aries is very decisive and can teach indecisive Libra about relying on intuition for answers.

Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars and Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus. This is a great match, as these are the Planets of Passion and Love, respectively. Venus and Mars go well together as they're the two sides of the love relationship coin. They're universally recognized as male and female and this relationship is a good balance of masculine and feminine energy. Venus is about the beauty of romance while Mars is about the passion of romance. What a good combination!

Ha ha ha. Though I don't pay much attention to horoscopes, these were too funny to not post. Except the part about Libra being ruled by Venus, the planet "universally recognized as female". I really need to hang out with more guys.