Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet Shelby

So here she is. The newest part of our family.She's eight years old, so not quite a puppy still. Appears to be in really good health, though a bit on the skinny side (good thing Carbiener's now how to fatten someone up). The owner seemingly had had a rough time as of late, and knew that it was best for the dog to part ways. And we're excited about having her.

Trying to figure out what to do when we went to bed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Aquarium

Months and months ago there was a Groupon to the Tempe Aquarium and I bought it, and a few weeks later we went. Brea loves aquariums, and I am almost always up for something new. Totally worth it. First and most importantly because of how excited she was. Secondly, because I really enjoyed it.

There were huge crabs that Brea tried to buy for dinner. There were starfish that we could hold (after five or ten minutes of talking Brea into it). There were tiny sharks, rays doing back strokes until they hit the sides of their tank. There were seahorses and clownfish and “Dori” fish and even some kind of puffer fish that even blew a big breath of bubbles right in Brea’s face when she got close. We both jumped a little and it was so funny. And though I feel a little bad for teasing her about it, the part when Brea realized she was standing on the plexiglass was the most entertaining part of the trip.

Before she looks down. Very happy.

But then she looked down.

Big Daddy. For A Week

You remember the movie Big Daddy? The one where Adam Sandler becomes a dad when he is entirely unprepared for it? I had one of these experiences recently. No, we are not having a baby. However with Brea’s parents taking a vacation to Missouri we were nominated to watch the five children during their absence. We knew it would help, and we knew it would give us a favor to keep in the bank for a future time when we need a babysitter, so we accepted.

As a brief summary, it was, eventful at times, and not so eventful at others. We had a rough first day, I made cookies with the younger ones while Brea was in class. Jay wanted to use the cookie cutters and I reluctantly agreed to not make perfectly even, perfectly formed cookies. And though oatmeal cookies are probably not the best for shaping, we did our best. And we got one of the most adorable pictures of Mary ever.
I did sixth grade math homework with Adam (which required some catching up for me). We hung around and watched a movie one day (I think). And we took the family to Airworx to play on their giant trampolines.

It was a little tougher than Brealynn had planned. About what I had expected. But a good experience I think, and all in all not too bad. Not something I’d like to do on a weekly basis mind you. And it was awfully nice to sleep in our bed again.

An Early Valentine’s (Though Posted A Month Late)

Valentine’s Day we would be preoccupied with child watching so we changed it this year to February 9th. Josh Olsen would have been proud. And based on a recommendation from Christin, we went to a restaurant called Posh. She blogged about it here. It was a bit tricky to get to, so we parked a little ways away and walked. Though Brea was really sore from over-doing it on a new workout and didn’t exactly appreciate that in her new heels…

But we got there. And scratched a few things off the menu. And then started eating.
Honestly I don’t know what most of this was, nor can I remember what he told me. Brea definitely enjoyed her food lottery experience better than me, though mine wasn’t bad. And it is really more money than I could comfortably spend on a meal more than once every year or two. But it is something that I am super glad we experienced and Brea had her favorite dessert of her life I think, pistachio crème brulee and raspberry sorbet. And if she’s happy, then I’m happy.

And one more thing. We had found some shoes at Nordstrom’s back in the first few months of our dating. They were Kelsi Dagger’s and great. But a little expensive. Not particularly expensive if you happen to be Christin but a little much for us poor kids. I thought about buying them a handful of times for the next seven or eight months. I checked once on the Internet and they were still there. Sometime mid-January I checked online, and they were on clearance! Fifty percent off! And of the two available sizes, one was a size eight. Which happens to be her size. Sometimes, just sometimes, things work out when you wait.

Free Concert?, umm . . . yes please

A few years ago, before they were very well known, I had the chance to see Lady Antebellum at the State Fair. It was only six bucks, and I’m pretty sure I was the only person there who owned their cd and knew enough words to sing along. And I loved it so much. I became a fan.

I missed their next Phoenix show, but when I heard they were playing again I really wanted to go. I checked tickets when I finally found out where the venue was and to my chagrin, tickets were selling for $140. For bad seats. A lot ridiculous, and a lot out of Brad and Brea’s newlywed budget. I was talking to Christin about this dilemma and she lets me know that a counselor in her ward is a big deal there. And the next day she calls to tell me there are two tickets in my name in will call!!!!!
Turns out they were really nice seats. Really nice. With free food!!! It was the first concert ever in the new arena so the sound system was awesome and it was an incredible, incredible show. And Brea almost peed herself she got so excited when the piano rose out of the floor with ….. standing on it. Geez I have a cool sister. The only thing that could have made it better was if she was there. Maybe next year.

Look at these seats!!

Geez that beard is gross.

Our tasting station.

I know, we're adorable.

The back of Vanie's head. And the red piano.

Just such a good concert.

The Short Trip

Some days I hate installing alarms. But it does have its occasional perks. Like today (this was written Dec 14th). Today I was paid to drive up to Snowflake, 24 cents a mile, plus gas, plus the install. I waited to schedule the trip for when Brea could come, cause then I got to have her come with me. She was thrilled to see the snow and get excited for and Idaho Christmas, and of course excited to wear her rain boots. She was just going to watch a movie on her laptop, but the customer saw her and said that she should come in (she was a really chill customer). So after the job we had lunch at Arby’s and headed to the temple. Even though it looked like it was closed, we walked in. Turns out, the sessions today started at ten and four thirty. It was only two. So during our two hours of downtime we hit up the distribution center and then, of course, the dollar store.

We had to wait a bit still when we got there because most of the workers were in a prayer meeting. When they were done they came and got us. It was unique. A group of workers lined up behind the counter and pretty much led us individually through the temple. Our escort asked us to lead out in a few things (it narrows their choices down when there’s only two couples) and it was a beautiful small session in such a gorgeous temple. Such a nice day.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little Too Familiar

You know the Bermuda Triangle, that weird patch of ocean that mysterious swallows ships? I'm beginning to have my suspicions that one exists somewhere around the city of El Paso, Texas.

Three times I have driven through this city on my way to work. Two of those times I have ended up sitting in my Camry, on the phone with AAA placing a roadside emergency call. Twice I have been trying to find a cheap hotel to stay at while I pass away the Sunday and wait for someone to repair my car the following day.

I love this state, but I am sure beginning to hate this city.