Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Big Day

Is it time for the wedding?!


So. Thursday was her endowment. We were there on time (even me, I beat Brea there!). It wasn't too weird for her, and there was a lot of people there, and it was really nice.

Friday we went and took some bridals. And she looked super hot, and she whined and said gross pretty much every time we kissed. But the weather was beautiful, as was she, and we got some really cute pictures.

Now. The wedding. I woke up, showered, and ran over to the dry cleaners that didn't have my shirt ready the day before, but promised me would be in the morning. And. It wasn't there. I'm supposed to be at the temple in thirty minutes and I have no shirt!! He made a phone call, I waited impatiently, and fifteen minutes later someone pulled up, I had my shirt and was on my way.

Our sealer was a bit animated, though really good (he had given Brea her patriarchal blessing). There were people there, the ceremony happened, we kissed, people cried (well, mostly Candice. And then Joy Lynn joined in for a bit).

The luncheon at Toby Keith's was delicious, though smaller than we had expected the group to be. And the waitresses in their little shorts made us feel a bit awkward. But what do you do?

The reception, though the forecast had said the weather would be awful, really was pretty nice. Great for the pictures. And great for the first . . . hour and some. But suddenly the weather turned bad. So we hurried with cake cutting, had the parents' dance and ours, and started cleaning up. Brea hadn't been feeling good, and so instead of partying there for a few more hours, we (Brea and I) moved the party back to our place. Thanks to everyone it was a great day. If only there was more dancing . . .

I guess we'll have to find another excuse to fit that in.

Now that is one handsome bunch of guys.

And I'm not allowed to comment on other attractive girls . . .

Love Tom's face.

Oh my gosh. They're so cute!!! And the kids are okay too, I guess.

All Rice Krispies inside.

Grandma playing actual harp. How sweet.

Mathesons, Randalls, Carolynn, Ariana and Tyler.

I think there's a good chance we kissed after this.

Doesn't she look intense?!?! One of my favorites.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going the Distance

Although we went there for Jeffrey's bachelor party, really, there's no place to compare to The Tilted Kilt as far as Mormon bachelor party dining venues go. After a second delicious dinner served by a slew of sexily dressed women (though not as sexy as my smoking hot wife) . . .

I think Jared fell in love.

. . . we headed out to get some water for, as I had suspected, A GIANT SKIP N SLIDE. Now if you return just two blog posts, you will find a video of my mother on one of these.

But this is how we roll:

Then a ride to the pool to rinse off!

Though we came out a bit cut and bruised, it was stinkin' fun. We need to do this again soon.


I don't really get what the big deal is. Like anything has been going on in my life. Oh yeah.


So. Where do I start with all of this?

The big day came. Everybody showed up. We partied. So I guess I should start with the bachelor party....