Sunday, May 30, 2010

Times to Smile

I love that I know that mom just gasped when she saw this picture.

And no I don't think this happened because I got the tires for super cheap from a Mexican tire shop. I sort of jumped a curb in my Camry the other day. And though I don't think she particularly enjoyed it, it didn't appear like I broke anything. Though the steering column would periodically wobble. I was planning on having it looked at Tuesday, as tomorrow is memorial day. However driving home tonight after dropping off a co-worker at someone's house for a barbecue, the car started shaking pretty violently and then black chunks of something started flying off my car. It was pretty intense. I pulled over and this is the tire I found.

The funny thing about blogs is it makes it a little more exciting to have bad things happen because you think about blogging it the whole time that it's going on. And with this it at least broke the monotony of my life right now. And as weird as it is to say it is kind of a blessing it happened. Cause it was Sunday afternoon, I was really close to the house, and Tom could bring out my lug wrench to me. I figured out (I think) what the problem was with my car. Blessings come in so many forms.

The End of the Road

Well at least until next season. Last night Tom and I watched the last two episodes of Chuck. Were they awesome? Of course. It wrapped up pretty much everything important and then left a little hanger for next season. Not an annoying one. Just enough to keep me hopeful that it will be another season of awesomeness. It's a little sad that I don't have any new Chuck to watch for the summer, but at least it's not all done yet. And yeah, Sarah is still super sexy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sometimes I forget how much I don't like the first few weeks of my summers. The whole driving/lack of sleep/disorganization/lack of eating good food never is a welcomed combination.

-The weather here is beautiful exactly half of the time. It pretty much rains every other day.
-I don't particularly like training new techs. It is not the most enjoyable part of my job.
-I'm a little worried that Tahoe will be too cold to jet ski in, and I really don't want to buy wet suits.
-I ran out of cheesy poofs. I need to find some more.
-I got a roommate hooked on Reese's Puffs.
-It is funny how some people download on me. I understand that God blessed me with that capacity (to be downloaded on), and I honestly don't mind. But it is funny that the one girl here went to a fireside with me, talked the whole way there and back about her life, and then talked to me for another hour in the parking lot about her relationships and what she wants to change or work on. And then probably another hour inside.
-Sacramento has terrible radio stations. Maybe, just maybe, I'll invest in a radio. -I started classes yesterday. That should be an adventure.

-I need to get a camera cable so I can put some pictures up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Otro Capítulo Se Acaba

Well I'm packed.

Christin got sad this afternoon and now it's my turn I suppose. How lucky I am that I got to spend these years living with my big sister. I sure do love her.

I feel like this is a good step, I think we need some change. It will be a new adventure and I have a great roommate to live with when I get home.

But as great as he is he won't be her. He probably won't ask me to iron his scrubs or make his lunch for him. He won't ask me to go to Cosmo and get him some Curls Rock. He probably won't give me a hard time for taking so long to get ready for church. He probably won't wake me up in the morning to tell me about his crazy patients at work the night before. He won't help throw me a Bond birthday party or get me a Buckle gift card or gelato or want to go float around in a raft on Tempe Town Lake for my birthday or throw dinner parties for our ward. Who am I going to tease for making a Blue Steel face in the mirror? And more importantly, who am I going to where my "brother" shirt with?

I know this seems awfully dramatic considering I will be living within fifteen minutes of her, and maybe this has a lot to do with the stress of this week of finishing school and moving, but it still doesn't help stop these tears from running down my face.

I sure will miss living with this cute little blonde.
I'm gonna miss living with my sister.
I love you.

No Regrets

There is a time to be responsible.
But honestly, way too many people don't do fun stuff cause they are too busy or are doing the responsible thing. This week I have been crazy crazy busy. But I went to the Ironman 2 showing tonight at midnight even though I haven't slept much and I have a 9:40 final tomorrow and have to pack my room still and have to write another four page Spanish paper and make a fourteen hour drive. Tomorrow. But it was awesome. And I would do it again. No regrets, that's my motto (a reference from Out Cold when the friend gives the protagonist the pep talk to go win his engaged-to-another-man love of his life back. Whatever, you get the point).