Monday, May 23, 2011

At Least She Trusts Me

I am still not exactly sure why girls let me cut their hair. I am grateful for the chance to practice though. And really, they could have much worse people than me doing the cutting.

She looks so excited.

Time for the razor.

Finished product.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day With Brealynn

We have almost nothing in common, but we sure have fun.

She climbs in shopping carts while I'm buying tires.

We went to Crate & Barrel for her first time. And she LOVES it!!! Whew. And we found a couch that we both love. And can't afford. And her shirt is up cause she wanted to know what it would feel like on bare skin :)

She'll try on sweet aviator shades.

She finally said that she would be okay with a boxer. She wanted a pit before. Gross.

And isn't this one adorable? Yep. That's the right answer.

And then we made kabobs for my first time. Turned out pretty good. And she liked them. Even though she really doesn't like chicken. Which is a bit of a challenge at times.

And she lets us put watermelons on her head. Really. How could I not love her?

And she has the stinkin' cutest little sister.

I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to have my parents come into town to visit. We went out to dinner, they met Christin and I's significant others, and they got to meet my friends and roommates. And my mom got to cut their hair of course. And make moustaches out of that hair later.


A few months ago I had a blowout. On the freeway. It destroyed the front passenger wheel well of my car. It broke a few little things, but it also ripped out a huge part of my wiring harness which included my air conditioning control, air bag control, and cruise control. I couldn't find the other end of the harness myself, so I had Ben come over and take a look. He couldn't find it either, so he had me take out the airbag. Well, I had to pull some stuff out. And some more stuff. And more. This is what I was left with:

Oh yeah. When I hooked up the battery again, it reset the alarm. So to start my car without setting the alarm off, I had to unlock it, open up the back door, reach over, put in the key and turn it on, get back out, and start the car leaving the driver door open.

And Brealynn never complained. She didn't complain about the waiting for me to open the door or didn't whine about the lack of air conditioning. Not once. For like a month. She's pretty great. And the good news is, I finally took a day and got it fixed.

Makin' It Rain

There was a joke made last month about how funny it would be if one of us paid rent in one dollar bills and made it rain all over Tom. Well. The storm came.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

There's Something In The Attic

Jeffrey came home the other day and asked me if I wanted to help him insulate his mother's attic. I am not exactly sure why I agreed to this. Mostly because I love his mom I suppose. She's really an amazing woman. But partially because I'm a guy and there is something oddly fulfilling about stuff like that. So Jeffrey and I, without either of us knowing a thing about how to insulate an attic, read a little bit, and went to work.

Turns out insulation is more expensive than we thought. The four or five hundred dollars that we thought it would cost ended up being about twelve hundred dollars (she was planning on two grand, so it was still okay). We filled up the garage with three trips in the mini van, bought painting jump suits, goggles, gloves, and before long were unrolling yards and yards of insulation. It took about three days, left us sore for another week, earned us a dinner from his mom at The Keg, and left us with the feeling that we had done something really good. Not a bad day's (or three partial days) work.

And it's saved her a ton on her utility bill already.
And I'm thinking about buying another jumpsuit just cause I look so good in it.


I became friends with Jeffrey over the summer, and honestly, I wasn't sure how much I liked him getting back with his ex, as I had never met her. In my opinion, it's usually a very bad idea, which leads to second and third rounds of heartbreak.

However, a trip to LA and an all day music festival made us friends quickly. She is now part of my life, and someone I've gotten rather used to having around. There really is no one who shimmys like her, nor looks hotter as her bony limbs are draped across a pool table. She even lets Jeffrey draw moustaches on her face. With a Sharpie. And I'm so glad her and Jeffrey are getting married Friday. They're two of my best friends, and I love them. And I might come move next door. No. Seriously. Not kidding.

Dinners You Wish You Never Had

For Phil's birthday, one of us had the terrible idea to go Heart Attack Grill. None of us had been there, but we heard the waitresses were hot, so maybe we would go (this is a post that I neglected to make months and months ago). I did not know there existed a place that would make Hooters look classy. And delicious. Not only do they put hospital gowns on you (they will refuse to serve you if you don't wear one), but they play videos of them making the burgers on the tv's there. Yes, videos of them dipping the buns in lard before frying and preparing them (luckily they don't do that anymore). Oh yeah, and there's the girls. It was, just bad. But. An experience. That I will never have again. Though Phil did eat the four patty, two pound burger and get wheeled out to the car in a wheelchair. Oh, America.

Huge Mouth

Yes, he can fit his whole fist in it too. Ask him sometime. He LOVES to show people.

And he can fit twenty-eight cheese balls in his mouth without crushing them. Twenty-eight.

By the way, best donuts in the whole world. Whole world. 19th Donut Hole. University and Lindsey.