Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Brick in the Wall

Painting an argyle wall might not have been on the mind of Pink Floyd when composing this song. But when we moved in to our little townhouse apartment, that is what we had in mind. Or at least me. And she was cool enough to let me do it.

We got the keys to our apartment a while before we actually planned on moving in. We had to do this to make sure that we could live next to Jeffrey and Olivia. However this also gave us a little bit of time to get started on some projects. One was an argyle wall. I don't know why, but I wanted to do it. I don't think either of us expected quite so much work to get the finished result. But you know what? It is AWESOME. And everyone that comes over loves it. And I love it. And I'm pretty sure she does too.

In case you are wondering how long it took to measure, mark, tape, silicone, and paint all that, each way, the answer is A LONG TIME.

But isn't it so cool? Really? Really. It is.

Then came the table. This sad little table that was our family table, then Christin's table, and now it's ours. It has undergone several paint jobs, and now has gone through one more, as well as some staining. Most of this was done by Brea, who decided she wanted this to be her project. A little was done by me. And a little of it was done by my mission companion visiting from Mexico. It also took a long time, but it is done, and it is excellent.

The very lovely final project.

Our first dinner. Crab on coolers. The table wasn't exactly usable at the time.

I don't know what happened to the cooler by the next dinner. But she found out she loves brussel sprouts.

Our bathroom is painted blue as well, which is great. Not quite as exciting as the other two though.

So that's our little house. I'll try to clean a little more and put up some more pictures, but I wouldn't hold your breath.