Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Again

I'm really not sure why I am so happy to be home. I didn't really have anything that was waiting for me. I didn't have a better job, more fun, a girlfriend, or better weather. But I was very happy to be coming home. And last Sunday I made it. And I went to church and it was great. And I saw my mom and sister and it was great. And a few days later I got to listen to Christin tell me about her night at work and it was awesome. And my house is awesome. And the weather is okay. And school is okay.

I am very happy to be home.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garage Galore

My mother and father finally moved into their new house. They couldn't be more happy about having a little more space and having a little bit of alone time once again. My mother has been furiously buying furniture and the wrong size blinds (just a little joke mom :)) and my father, well, he is very excited about his garage. If only I could find a way to move that bench over to Levi's house...