Sunday, March 1, 2009

The End of the Late-Nighters

Carbiener's generally have a tendency to stay up late at night. We exert a great amount of effort to mess up everyone else's schedules so that they coordinate better with ours. I once even had Tyler Miller stay up later than me!! Candice goes into a little more depth on the subject here.

As I get older, the number of late night friends that I have has diminished. My sister even started a job, which has led to this posting. It is really rather sad.

"At least you have Christin still," you say. Nope. I'm sad to say, but even Christin is steadily climbing up the "I'm so old I have to go to bed earlier than everyone else and I really don't want to hang out with you anyways and if you try to keep me up I will pass out wherever I am and then not move for anything but the Second Coming" ladder. Yep. I know. It's sad.

Friday night she tells me that she wants to watch The Office. Because of her work schedule we haven't watched an episode since probably October. I was very excited for this. We go to my room, fire up the projector, and pretty soon I am laughing at Jim playing a prank on Dwight before the opening credits. I don't hear Christin's usual laughter, which of you that know my sister also know that that is not a sound that you have a hard time hearing. I look over to find my sister asleep (I think this was around eleven). She wakes up and we try two more times, but this ends with her asleep two more times and with me kicking her out of my room to hers. I get her her antibiotics and water and put them by her sink so that she would get out of bed and take out her contacts. And it worked. (She is not taking antibiotics because she is sick. She has an ear infection. That doesn't count). Last night Tyler fit me in briefly into his schedule and felt like watching Spiderman. Christin and I had just eaten and sat down to watch it. At ten o'clock I look over, and she is out cold. At ten o'clock.. I even tried the antibiotic trick again, knowing that her obsession for taking medicine or checking her vitals is comparable to most heroin addictions. Did that work? Nope. A little before midnight I ended up carrying her to her room. (Side note, Tyler says he has to leave at eleven. At five minutes to eleven he packs up his stuff and heads out, missing the last five minutes of the movie. What is my world coming to?)

I only needed a new wingman before. But if things keep going like they are I might need a new roommate before you know it.


indeazgirl said...

I am so embarrassed. I mean, there are plenty of things about being 29 that I have made me feel older than necessary (case in point: last week's endowment discussion). But the fact that I fell asleep before midnight and was awake before 7 twice this weekend is maybe the most terrifying of all the events of the last two months as far as the aging process goes.
Who knew that having two weeks off work might do this to me? I mean, that has to be what it is, right? Or being sick, maybe? I mean, I can't get kicked out of the late-night club. Everything cool happens from midnight to 3!!
What if I lose my job because I can't stay awake? What if I have to go to day shift and be horribly boring like that?
No more sympathy at more night shift differential...we'll be so POOR!!
And we'll never get through season 4 of How I Met Your Mother.
I'll go get some RockStars tomorrow. This cannot become a habit.
Early to bed, early to rise....what a crock.

RC said...

Ah yes, father time is closing in on you!!!! Pretty soon even Brad will be in bed before midnight and actually sleeping too! Just think of how good your body will feel with the proper amount of sleep someday? Try it, you'll like it!