Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Little More Gas

I moved into my current house August 15th. Tom and I lived there for about a month alone, without any real problems. Jeffrey moved in about that time and started complaining that he had no hot water. Though it occasionally wasn't super hot for me, I didn't really think it was a problem. So after looking at the water heater one day, realizing I couldn't see the pilot light, and clicking the button a few times, I left it alone. However, the new roommates moved in this week, turned the a/c down fifteen degrees, and my shower was very cold suddenly. I knew that they hadn't showered for hours so I thought about it more that day.

About two in the morning last night Jeffrey and I took a look at the water heater. I discovered shortly that I could see the pilot light if I slid this little piece of metal over. Then I made the discovery that if I moved the little dial to "on" instead of "pilot" a lot more fire came out.

This morning the shower was just a little better.

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RC said...

This sounds like the old man that moved into Sun Mission about a year ago. Shortly after Drema took over she called me one day and asked me to go look at his water heater. I went over and asked him if he moved the dial to on and he assured me he "KNEW ALL ABOUT GAS WATER HEATERS because he had one all his life and this cheap one was just broken." I looked at it, turned the dial to ON and WHAMO the heater kicked on and he had hot water in 15 mintues. So now you're as smart as the old man. Congrats!