Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good vs Evil

I love the tv series Chuck. Since I was first introduced to it on my plane ride to Hawaii, I've found few things I enjoy so much. I've had such good memories associated with Chuck.

But then tonight I began a book by Chuck Klosterman. See, Jeffrey talks about this guy and how he's one of his favorite writers from time to time. He has these cards that have a lot of stupid, pointless questions on them to supposedly figure out what kind of a person you are, like whether you would let a gorilla play football for the Raiders or not, and your reasoning behind the decision. I know. Pointless, though kind of entertaining. Not that I feel like you get to know anything worthwhile about a person by asking them like Mr. Klosterman does. But again, they are kind of entertaining.

Now his books have nice titles like Eating the Dinosaur, and another about Cocoa Puffs. I started reading this Cocoa Puffs book tonight and four pages into it, I realize I cannot bring myself to read anymore of it. I might find it to be one of the worst things I have ever picked up. Though he has an extensive use of pop culture and does have the ability to reference it at occasionally clever times, that's about all he has going for him. He manages to be incredibly vulgar for no reason at all (I think he managed to pack eight "f" words into one sentence), annoyingly cynical, and very depressing all at the same time. He organizes his comments of world hatred into annoying rants and then tries to cover it with saying, "Not that I'm judging you, or blaming anyone," or something like that. But he is. He just hates the world, and wants everyone else to swim in his misery pool with him. When I encounter things or people like him, I think, "What if everyone in the world were like [insert name]? What a terrible world this would be. If that was the case, I might hate life as much as you do."

I'm glad there are still some good Chuck's in the world.


Jeffrey Benson said...

I wish you would at least finish one essay before you made your judgement call.

Bonnie said...

Brad! THANK YOU FOR NOT READING ANY MORE OF THAT BOOK! There is so much wonderful stuff to read and fill up the corners of your mind:) What can I say..I'm your mom:)