Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going the Distance

Although we went there for Jeffrey's bachelor party, really, there's no place to compare to The Tilted Kilt as far as Mormon bachelor party dining venues go. After a second delicious dinner served by a slew of sexily dressed women (though not as sexy as my smoking hot wife) . . .

I think Jared fell in love.

. . . we headed out to get some water for, as I had suspected, A GIANT SKIP N SLIDE. Now if you return just two blog posts, you will find a video of my mother on one of these.

But this is how we roll:

Then a ride to the pool to rinse off!

Though we came out a bit cut and bruised, it was stinkin' fun. We need to do this again soon.


RC said...

The Tilted Kilt looks like a place you enjoy (or did before you got married?). I thought the post was interesting but would have been a ton better if the video would have been lighter so you could see something in it. The laughter makes it sound so interesting and you can actually see a second or two of the slide down. Guess you didn't have a low light camera with you. Looked like a ton of fun though. Next time I get married, I would like to try the experience.

Bonnie said...