Friday, May 4, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

So I made it to Texas again. Didn't even break down in El Paso. It's been nice. I've been busy and working in a city about forty miles west of Corpus Christi. 

On the way back last night however, I took the wrong road home. And by "wrong", I mean it would have gotten me there, it was just not the way I wanted to go. So I decided to get off the 44 and take Farm to Market 70 down to Farm to Market 665 (yes there are a lot of these roads). It is probably ten miles or so. 

At the time of this picture I am the blue dot. I am also confronted with a giant closed road sign. Super annoying. However, I am all alone out here and in no particular rush to get home this evening. So I see Co Rd 28 on the map (and in real life) and decide that I should go down this road. 

Now if you need the translation, Co Rd means "this is not really a road for cars, but for horses and oxen". Unfortunately Google did not mention this previously. So off I went down a single lane asphalt road that became dirt road as soon as I passed Co Rd 97. 

Ever determined the Camry fought along. Soon enough I arrived at Co Rd 95. And it got a bit worse. Soon I ran into this: 

Did I continue? Did I have any other option at this point in my journey/adventure? The answer is yes. At least until I got here. This is where, much to my dismay, I throw in the towel and retrace my steps. 

Possibly because I have the memory of this movie lingering in my mind:


Bonnie said...

Just like your mom has always said "boys do dumb things"! And the more of them you put together, stupid ideas for some reason become good ideas!!!!!

RC said...

So based on the movie clip you could've made this small leap at, let's say, 45 mph? I'm shocked you didn't at least give it a go. Sure the Camry could have made it...

indeazgirl said...

It's hard to express the utter joy this blog post gives me. In addition to your mad skills in posting maps from your iphone to your blog and keeping such good track of your adventure, you also managed to use the word oxen, and come across a "bridge out" sign, which I'm pretty sure I've never ever seen in real life.
And then, to top it off, I finally got to see this movie clip that I've heard quoted more times than I can count. Now if only I hadn't been at work when I read it so I wouldn't have had to laugh quieter than I wanted to. :-)