Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

About a month ago our office decided to up and move to Houston.  Though the work was way better in Corpus, as well as the gym, the apartments, and the beautiful beaches, there are some perks to moving.  I do have a few friends up here that I hadn't seen in entirely too long.  Also, on the way we were able to take a little drive down memory lane (my memory lane at least).  

Welcome to Bay City.  I lived here from the time I was about five until I was eleven.  And as small and ghetto as parts of it are, I loved it.  And I had only been back one time since the initial move, and I was fourteen.  It was so weird to be back there again, and I'm such a nostalgic fool.  I had to drive everywhere I could think of and get a picture.  So let's go for a little ride together, eh?

The new high school.  A big upgrade I would say.
The main drag.  We passed the courthouse that used to hold market days there and where we got Hogan.  Do you see Shipley's and HEB?  Puts a smile on your face, doesn't it?
Shipley's got a make-over.
HEB looks the same.  I dropped a bottle of IBC root beer once and it shattered.
Bay Cinema 4.  Edward's theater, watch out.
Matagorda County Fairgrounds, the site of the rodeos and most of my birthday parties.
The old church.
Cherry Elementary, I was here for Kindergarten through third grade.
Tenie Holmes had me for fourth and fifth.
The Del Norte Pool, where I spent a great deal of my summer days.
I'm almost positive this was our last rental house.
This was the other possibility.  It's been a while, and I wanted to be sure I got a picture, ok?!
The house my parents had built for us.
Those trees are just "a little" bigger than they used to be.
And the Ashcraft's old pad.
And of course, A&A Barbecue.  Still delicious if you are wondering.
We sure will try to come back one of these days.
And the bike on the terrible bike rack (it fell off on the free way).  Now the red plastic pieces have sheet metal screws attaching them to the frame, and the bike is tied on rather securely with alarm wire.
And of course the dog loungin'.
Glad Shelby had the paper towels there to keep her comfortable.


indeazgirl said...

That high school? Seriously? Does it know what town it's in. I think it's a little out of place.
Seeing those trees made me realize that they've had 20 years to grow and made me feel INCREDIBLY old.
It was definitely the first rental house, not the second picture. I think the number is 2150, if I remember :-)
And I would DIE for an A&A baked potato.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane! (The pool looks more ghetto here than I remember too)

Bonnie said...

WOW!!! I can't believe the High School and the TREES in front of our old house. Christin was right, the second picture is not our old rental house but the first one PROBABLY is. The fence on the outside of the pool always looked bad but inside was pretty (or at least it was long,long,long ago). Very fun!!

RC said...

Yes, that was quite a trip down memory lane (for those of us who actually HAVE a memory). The high school looks great and the house was almost a tear jerker. I loved that house and hated to have to sell it but you do what you have to do. Shipleys, HEB and A&A are the real places to miss. Everything else looked about the same. And those trees with 20 years to grow really turned into something pretty didn't they? And to think we planted them...great memories for sure. I was surprised there was no pictures of the little league fields.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Very very very cool. Some of those places rang a bell in hearing stories from both of you.

Also you do realize you are the single male in my life that would drive around memory lane, take photos, and post them on a blog?

Love it.