Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Got a Job

In December of 2006 I signed my first contract to work doing alarm installations.  Though it definitely had it cons along with its pros, it was pretty awesome as far as jobs go.  For five and a half years it was the only job I had.

Then I went out and got married.  When things like that happen, moving across the country at a moments notice to make some quick money get less fun.  Mid-October my alarm career finally came to an end.

Now here I am working for a gigantic company, GoDaddy.  Though not necessarily in employees (there's a little over three thousand of us), we made over a billion dollars last year.  We sell more domains than the eight next best sellers combined.

I know it's not a dream job.  But for right now it pays the bills, which is swell.  And they have awesome Christmas parties that they rent out Chase Field for, and give away over a million dollars at.  And they have a lot of other cool contests and giveaways (that I don't win).  Right now I can deal with that.

Chase field, revamped.
Unfortunately I will always look pasty next to this girl.
Some good ol' arcade games.

This is the pitcher's mound where we ate dinner.
Some of my training friends and the giant digital graffiti wall.

She whipped me at Blackjack.

We might have been the only ones that could muster excitement for the B-52's.

 Complete with Psy impersonator.

The million dollar give away.  This went on for 15 minutes, twice, and got much faster.

Ow Ow!

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