Monday, January 19, 2009

New Wingman Wanted: Applications Now Being Accepted

Even though most won't admit it, guys have the secret fear of their bros getting into a relationship, or worse, getting married. After that, things just seem to change. They feel a little like this:


Two of my best friends in the whole world, Ariana and Tyler, are now officially dating. I am very happy about this. I don't want this post to seem like that. However, I am a little like the "weird uncle Ted" now. I know that I have been in different relationships over the last year and Ariana and Christin might have felt a little like this. But this time it is a bro and one of my best friends. It just seems a little sad. You see, I am now in need of a wingman. For the past eight months or so, I have had Tyler to fly next to me. It's been great. We work well together, we anticipate combat maneuvers before the other moves. This is how it was, and how it should be:


So I am now in search of another wingman. I feel a little like Barney:


I am very happy for my two friends. I will be okay. Though it is hard to find a good wingman, I still have hope. I know I will have to weed through a few before I find the right one, as there exist too many of these:


Resumes may be posted in comments below.


ari said...

I can't say that I'm entirely sorry that you've lost your wingman...

But you do know that you're still stuck with me as a best friend and harassing you ALL the time.

you're the best.

RC said...

Maybe you should consider a co-pilot instead. After all this dating maybe you should find one to make you happy eternally and then the wingman would not be a necessity???? Wisdom of the older and wiser.......

indeazgirl said...

I know that there are certain times when your beloved sister may seem unavailable, but who tracks down hot girls from sacrament meeting for you? Who hosted dinner parties with you? Who knows exactly what you need without you having to say it?
I think you may be overlooking a wingwoman here. Don't underestimate the power of a sister.

shirley elizabeth said...