Thursday, September 10, 2009

Caution: Parents Learning to Text

You know how they make all of these bumper stickers about your kids turning sixteen and how you need to stay off the road? Sometimes I feel that they need to make similar ones for when your parents are trying to jump on to the "new technology" bandwagon. For example;

My father has recently got his first phone with a texting plan. He has probably sent half a dozen messages and seems to be handling it okay. The other day I even showed him how T9 works. The thing I maybe didn't explain quite so well is that proof reading is very helpful when using this option. I received this message from him yesterday;

"I need to he there wrencher are yours or tolloans."

I am usually pretty good at deciphering messages, but this one was a little out of my league. After listening to his voicemail I realized it was supposed to read;

"I need to know if these wrenches are yours or Tollmans."

At least he's trying, right? Keep it up dad.


indeazgirl said...

oh so funny....

Ron said...

Okay, let's clarify a few things. When your children try to bring you into the world of higher tech, they should also be careful to EXPLAIN a few things that are blantantly obvious to younger folks. T-9 does not ALWAYS spell things out for you like was explained to me, it only comes close, or not so close as the case in point. The message was proof read but I had no idea how to correct the T-9 effect. If someone would have explained that you needed to switch over to the actual spelling text, it would have been helpful. Still, after all this, I fully yield to the younger generation and will only try to keep up with technology.