Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sleeping Potion

I don't really take medicine that often. Despite that, I feel like I have a relatively high tolerance for drugs. When I had jaw surgery three years ago, I was taking something for it every few hours and it didn't seem to hardly touch the pain. I occasionally take sleeping pills (like once or twice a month). When I do, I usually take two Unisoms because one really doesn't do much for me. If I decide to go the natural route, I will take three melatonin before I feel anything. The other night I decided that I should combine those. One Unisom + two melatonin = Brad hardly able to stand up in a half an hour. And it was awesome! I have since realized that that is what Christin and Adam feel like every night. I am still a little in awe of that feeling. Really the only times I can remember it occurring naturally to me is after staying up all night.

With that I just want to say I really wish I felt it more often. I have laid in bed for almost an hour every night this week before falling asleep and I am getting sick of it.


Bonnie said...

Wow! It is so good that you didn't get into drugs! I mean really, you would have been on the Intervention show!!!

Marcie said...

Ok this is probaby the most obvious comment in the world, but the only thing that helps me when I can't sleep is reading in bed in dim lighting. Knocks me out every time. Oh and p.s. I just about died laughing when Brock told me about how you were both standing outside the shower talking to each other on the phone and didn't even know it.

bradleyjohn said...