Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hair Identity Crisis

I went through a hair crisis not too long ago. I just have had the same hair for SO LONG. So I tried to grow it out. And I colored it darker. And I liked it okay. But then it got longer and I remembered that I really don't have that great hair for growing out. It did look like this.

Or like a Thundercat. That was going bald.

Then I cut it off. I really think this is how short I usually cut it. But I felt like I scalped myself.

Then I colored it. Darker than it was before. Even though it is whitish in this picture.

Luckily I really like it like this.

I guess I'll have to be happy with this for the time.

1 comment:

RC said...

Luckily you still have some to have a crisis over. If you were some of your cousins you would really have something to complain about. I think it is sort of cool that I have more hair than them and you!