Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break, South of the Border (that's Mexico Christin)

Writing that I realized I completely neglected to mention my Mexico trip. So.

Friday night I was heading to repair a security system in Phoenix about seven o'clock when I got a call from my friend Josh. "What are you doing this weekend?" he asks. Well that ended with me finishing the job, driving back, picking up some guys that were coming with us, showering, packing, and leaving in a little less than two hours.

Now in all honesty, I was expecting something crazy. I kinda expected, well, the Spring Break that MTV shows. The good thing is, it wasn't that crazy. There was some good beach volleyball, Xanax hunting, a concert, delicious tacos, and dance clubs with girls that I thought about making out with (but no naked girls). Oh and church. All in all it was pretty awesome trip. But nope, no pictures.

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RC said...

See how "grown up" you are becoming? You FINISHED the job before leaving for Mexico. How proud you make your dad when you do something like this. Finishing work before heading off to play...