Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Daddy. For A Week

You remember the movie Big Daddy? The one where Adam Sandler becomes a dad when he is entirely unprepared for it? I had one of these experiences recently. No, we are not having a baby. However with Brea’s parents taking a vacation to Missouri we were nominated to watch the five children during their absence. We knew it would help, and we knew it would give us a favor to keep in the bank for a future time when we need a babysitter, so we accepted.

As a brief summary, it was, eventful at times, and not so eventful at others. We had a rough first day, I made cookies with the younger ones while Brea was in class. Jay wanted to use the cookie cutters and I reluctantly agreed to not make perfectly even, perfectly formed cookies. And though oatmeal cookies are probably not the best for shaping, we did our best. And we got one of the most adorable pictures of Mary ever.
I did sixth grade math homework with Adam (which required some catching up for me). We hung around and watched a movie one day (I think). And we took the family to Airworx to play on their giant trampolines.

It was a little tougher than Brealynn had planned. About what I had expected. But a good experience I think, and all in all not too bad. Not something I’d like to do on a weekly basis mind you. And it was awfully nice to sleep in our bed again.

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RC said...

Nothing like watching others peoples children to make you contemplate postponing your own.... I am sure it was a rather trying experience for you to have that many children to watch over. I hope you can get a sense of what your mother and I went through trying to raise you. And make sure you wait a while before you do this for life!