Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Short Trip

Some days I hate installing alarms. But it does have its occasional perks. Like today (this was written Dec 14th). Today I was paid to drive up to Snowflake, 24 cents a mile, plus gas, plus the install. I waited to schedule the trip for when Brea could come, cause then I got to have her come with me. She was thrilled to see the snow and get excited for and Idaho Christmas, and of course excited to wear her rain boots. She was just going to watch a movie on her laptop, but the customer saw her and said that she should come in (she was a really chill customer). So after the job we had lunch at Arby’s and headed to the temple. Even though it looked like it was closed, we walked in. Turns out, the sessions today started at ten and four thirty. It was only two. So during our two hours of downtime we hit up the distribution center and then, of course, the dollar store.

We had to wait a bit still when we got there because most of the workers were in a prayer meeting. When they were done they came and got us. It was unique. A group of workers lined up behind the counter and pretty much led us individually through the temple. Our escort asked us to lead out in a few things (it narrows their choices down when there’s only two couples) and it was a beautiful small session in such a gorgeous temple. Such a nice day.


RC said...

I've never been to this temple and it's hard to believe the church would build one and it only has two sessions a day? You'd think they would have to have an active population or one big enough to warrant a temple. Two couples in a session is unreal but I am glad you did it and enjoyed the trip. Sounds like a great perk for the install. All this and they pay you for it too!

indeazgirl said...

What a cool experience!