Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bodyrolling and Deep Relaxation

Several months ago Christin found this spa while shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. She might have even blogged about it before. It has taken a substantial portion of her willpower to not buy weekly spa treatments and attend the private pilates classes. To try to satisfy some of this urge she does periodically check the website for specials in hopes that one day she might actually go there.

This Saturday they are having a class that she mentioned to me. Stolen from their website:

"BODYROLLING and DEEP RELAXATION with KAT MYERS Saturday, October 25th from 12 - 3 pm

Body Rolling is a potent healing system that elongates muscle, develops core strength, stimulates bone and promotes healing by creating inner space and alignment. A quiet, personal and deep inner adventure. It is time to come home and experience the magic within."

"It sounds like pilates combined with yoga," I say.
"Oh no, I'll show you what it is," she shoots back.
I thought I would share it with you.


Anonymous said...

Do you want to know the very best part of that video?

You laughing the whole time in the background. You're both ridiculous. :]

indeazgirl said...

I thought he was taking a picture. I didn't know he was VIDEOING my craziness to post for all the world!!

RC said...

Now that looks like something to invest in heavily. How ridiculous that people would actually pay money to someone to lead them in rolling around on the floor! Yeah, my kids are definately a bit touched!