Thursday, October 16, 2008

Warm Bread and New Shoes

I love my sisters more than I let them know sometimes. I do. I think they are wonderful. They are the other two moms that helped raise me. Anyone that knows my sisters also knows that they are different. They each have different talents and have helped me with different things in my life.

Take Candice for example. Working as the assistant manager at Vanity, she used to be a fashion expert. She would be right on top of whatever was new and could put together a great looking ensemble for mere pocket change. She went to school and learned to cut hair, and is constantly changing hers. But one day she grew up and became a mom. Now I still believe she has more fashion sense than anyone in the family, but some other things have taken precedence in her life. Like baking bread.

A few months ago Candice came to visit and gave me a quick run down on how to make bread. I don't know where she got the recipe, but it is very easy and after many failed attempts I have finally achieved consistently delicious bread. Today I found a bread recipe on the back of a bag of flour that included molasses. So I baked bread with molasses in it a few hours ago. Amazing. And my bread usually does not come out with this perfect consistency. But here it is. Thanks Candice.

Christin on the other hand, has never been one to walk the frugality line. Mind you she does buy things on sale when she can, but she seems to have this inner need to have thousand dollar dressers and forty-five dollar salt and pepper shakers (just for one. That's ninety dollars for the set). I know that might not be a lot to some people but in my family it is. Christin saves up money to buy two hundred dollar leather pants that she wore six times. That's just the girl she is.

Living with her the last year, I suppose I have learned to spend money a little better. No more of this saving business (don't stress out mom. We're working on it). One of the great things she introduced me to (besides Crate & Barrel) is Zappos. All of the shoes you could ever want delivered to you free of charge the next day. So today I am sitting here looking at my pretty new shoes, and I really couldn't be happier. Thanks Christin.

And thanks mom and dad for the birthday present.


indeazgirl said...

It sure is awesome that you were blessed with two amazing sisters who bring such a wealth of knowledge into your life. And I'm quite lucky you told me what it looks like when my rims are all jacked up. Like they are now.
p.s. Thanks for the bread. It's delicious.

RC said...

I am glad you enjoyed the bread and the birthday shoes. I was wondering if would be out of line to ask how much I spent on them? You should just call me with that information. Some of us do actually try to stick to a budget. The shoes look nice and I am glad you like them so much and more glad that you love those great sisters you have.

A.C.K. Family said...

those are some smoking shoes buddy. now if your sister would give you your present from her then you'd have the new socks to go with them. oh and thanks for liking your sisters so much, we love you too.

Anonymous said...

You have two of the most amazing sisters in the entire world. And it's wonderful that you appreciate them. Wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful.

shirley elizabeth said...

um, i love bread. Bake it every Sunday. Recipe with molasses? Was it with wheat flour?