Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Friends, Car Accidents, and Blood Loss

Thursday I introduced myself to a girl in my institute class. We ended up talking for some time while we waited for our friends in the quiet study room. Her friend Brenley shows up and after a few minutes talks us into donating blood. I am usually very excited to do this, but I hadn't eaten yet and wasn't sure I would be okay. But they were cute. So I did. I'm such a sucker.

I was doing a dinner review that evening at a little pizza place in Scottsdale and she came with me. I really had a good time with her and even agreed to go to a movie later that night (yes I will delete any comments I feel are inappropriate. Ariana :)) . So Tyler and I drove way out in the middle of nowhere to see a movie that neither of us really wanted to see. It was nice to get out though.

After the movie we were following them to the freeway when they didn't stop for a red light accidentally (most likely distracted talking about the awesome guys they had just met) and had a Lexus SUV plow into the back half of her little Tercel at like thirty miles an hour. Their car spun around a few times and we ran to check on them but luckily everyone was alright. Except maybe the other kids that had stolen their mom's car and snuck out to go the the movie . . .

We drove them home and ended up getting back to my place around five. It was a long day. A good day though. I don't really know if I would be able to handle it if every first day that I met someone things turned out like that. But maybe my blog would be more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Oh. I'm dying to say something. But you'll probably delete it. LAME.

At least you were able to salvage your reputation later that night by saving the day. And it's a good thing you saw the movie on the weekend so you only had a few days lacking crucial points.

RC said...

I don't know the girl but I love her name. Glad to know that no one was injured in the accident. Looked pretty bad in the picture. Aren't you glad you didn't take your dad's truck and run it into a ditch......Oh wait, that was you!

RC said...

I think Arianna should email me with whatever she is dying to say. I may want to hear this.

Ashley said...

see this is why its never smart to keep a girl out too late, especially ones you really don't know... you just can't judge where there intelligence level really is ;)