Thursday, November 6, 2008

Botched Attempts and Nudists Wearing Clothes

Last year I was sitting at a Halloween party and pondering the question, "What Halloween costume would get me the most action?" I started thinking about ways to get girls to kiss me and the idea came; the frog prince!!

Unfortunately, it didn't work. At all. I neglected to recognize the fact that I would be at a mormon party, and that sometimes mormons are really lame. Nope, not even one kiss. And even if I wouldn't have been painted green I don't think I would have!! Maybe Love Seat and Kissing Booth stole all my thunder.

This year I figured that I would tone it down a little. If I would have talked to the guy at Custom X before, I would have had the great idea to be a braille dictionary. Instead I settled for the "not-naked naked guy". I know, a little boring, but at least I had hot girls to hang out with, right?

And I even found some mistletoe to kiss. Not that I think you are really supposed to kiss mistletoe . . .


RC said...

Hey, under the mistletoe, next to it,wherever.....just kiss the cutie close to it. If she happens to be wearing it, so be it. Good job, son. Nice to see an actual post from you!

Ashley said...

oh brad... only you. I like the idea for a Braille next year thought ;)