Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And Now Comes Allison

So February 12th I decided I was going to write little blog posts about the girls that live over in that condo, and I typed this up. But I didn't have a picture. Now I have a video.

So now you can meet Allison (even though she hasn't lived there for a few months).

Allison really likes to ride horses. She works on one of those ranches for troubled kids. She says that they're not supposed to ask them why they are there. I don't really think that I could help myself. But I'm kinda nosy. She has the same computer as me, though I got a way sweeter deal on mine than she did on hers. She is graduating in three semesters with a bachelor's in music therapy. She got a note on her bike one day from a police officer cause she's a rebel and chains up her bike where she shouldn't. She changed wards a few months ago when she moved into a different house, which is kinda sad. The good news is that I still get to see her from time to time, though not nearly as often as I would like to. Oh yeah, and she is awesome at the violin. And just in case you don't believe me;


Andi said...

Allison Kellis!!!

She and i went to high school together and were actually in the same orchestra!

She is awesome. :)

RC said...

The music was great! How come some people can have that talent?! All we can play is the stereo....