Monday, August 17, 2009

"Just Keep Swimming" (Nemo)

I grew up swimming almost everyday of my life. No I never took lessons, but I can swim okay. I went cliff jumping with some friends today. This is really one of my favorite activities. I love it. Then there arose the suggestion to swim to the other side of the reservoir.

Now I am in Idaho for the week. The water here is not exactly as warm as Arizona. I am also in less than good shape. I might have a little muscle tone, but as far as aerobic exercise goes I fall short.

You put these things together, along with my mediocre swimming ability, and that is one very tough half mile to swim. Well, I didn't drown. I did however puke my guts out when I got to the other side. And then lay on the rocks for twenty minutes before I trusted myself to walk back to the other side. It's funny that this morning the cliff was what I was worried about.

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RC said...

I wait and wait for a great blog entry and when it finally gets here you talk about puking......