Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Most Amazing Piñata Ever. And Tyler's Bachelor Party.

I went sex store shopping with Arianne today. It was pretty awesome. Turns out there a few real dirty stores in Tempe. Fascinations is a nice one. John says it's "family friendly". Anyways, it was a good time.

The highlight of the day was Phoenix Ranch Market. I figured the biggest Mexican store in the world would have a big piñata. That was a good hunch. Yes, I got this for $25. And yes, he's really that big.

The party ended up great, though I was really nervous about it. I wasn't sure who would show up and how it would go. Like nine guys showed up and we had a home run derby and grilled some burgers. Then Tyler smashed Ranchie (that's the name of the giant bull piñata, Phoenix Ranch Market's mascot).



kristine said...

So... I was thinking that anybody who read this and didn't know you threw a bachelor party at first would think it was really weird and out of character that you went sex store shopping with Arianne. AWESOME

indeazgirl said...

How lucky am I to have a brother cool enough to throw the other half of the couple's pre-wedding parties on the same night?
p.s. That scary pinata rocked.

RC said...

You went sex store shopping and ended up with a bull pinata? I think we may have to have a long talk, son......