Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dating Disclaimers

When it comes to dating I think that I'm open to different types of girls. I don't feel like I judge too harshly. That is with the exception of three things: lower back tattoos, the SAW movies, and country music.

1) I hate lower back tattoos. I think it is incredibly trashy. This will almost surely eliminate all chances of me dating a girl.
2) I think the SAW movies are disgusting. I know our world is a little bad, but I am still a little amazed that the movie has made enough money to now be coming out with the SIXTH in the series. Gross. I instantly think less of someone that has watched one of them.
3) I love country music. And not liking it is HUGE. This might actually be the most important.

Anyways. That's my thought for the day.

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Sporty Debo said...

I most definitely agree with the first one. I can't fault anyone for watching 1 of the Saw movies once, I was at a party and it was turned on. I really didn't pay attention, seemed stupid to me, but you totally can dislike them if they ENJOY the Saw movies or have seen more than 1. And you know my feelings on country music, so I can't really agree with that one.