Thursday, October 1, 2009

They've Gone Country...Dancing

Mesa, Arizona doesn't actually have anything close to a Honky Tonk. Especially not anything as cool as Billy Bob's in Ft Worth. They do have quite a few people my age that do attempt to country dance though.

Last night I went for my third time. I have gone about every six months since I found out about this, and I haven't enjoyed it very much. There is a girl that really wanted me to go with her last week (I didn't), but this week I decided I would give it another go. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. A few of the really good dancers took some time and showed us some fun things we could do. I even flipped a few girls. One of the girls had to spin around in a half circle leaning back, with me holding her up by only her neck. I'm pretty sure she tripped (I really don't think this was my fault), and fell about a foot to the ground. She was fine, she didn't hit her head or get hurt or anything, but I still felt bad for it. And of course everyone thought it was my fault. Oh well. I still had way more fun than I ever had before. Maybe week I will even go again.

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Ron said...

If it involved a female and something bad (sort of) happened, just go ahead and admit it was your fault. Nothing else will be accepted by anyone who saw or heard about it. It is just a "girl thing" and you cannot change it. The dancing sounded fun and I hope you give another chance or two. You may just meet your Carie Underwood there....