Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Week

My first week is over. I have been to ALL of my classes. I bought all my books, I have woke up early a few days. I am even planning on talking to a math tutor sometime tomorrow. I am already signed up for two institute classes and haven't missed yet. I know this all may not seem very impressive, however it is a first for me on all of those things considering I haven't even started the second week. I'm going to try to be a good student again.

I hope I haven't taken on too much, but I suppose if I work hard it will all turn out. And I'm also starting to go to Crossfit classes. And a break dancing, acrobatics, and parkour class. Oh yeah, and I'm going to play on a city league softball team. And trying to work on the side as well.

It seems like a lot, but really, it is about time I got busy in my life. I'm a little sick of hearing talks about time management and thinking to myself, "I have so much time to do whatever I want." I'm ready to be "anxiously engaged" in something. And dad, you don't need to make any "engaged" jokes, thanks for worrying about my love life though.

Now I have to cook dinner and go to bed. I have to get up early.


indeazgirl said...

I just texted you at 2 am to tell you I blogged. Oops. I should have read this earlier. I am SOO proud of you. And I will be next to dead doing all my stuff, too. So we'll be buff and busy together.

RC said...

Being anxiously engaged is a good thing and I am proud of you for taking on all of this. I will be happier yet if you follow through with it all, or even part of it. It sounds like a bit much but if anyone can do it you can. No jokes about engaged. This will come in due time I am sure.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Good to know in case I ever need anything at 3 AM.

Bonnie said...

If you feel "over-booked" you should give up two of your exercise classes!! Everything else is wonderful!! ONE WEEK IN A ROW!!