Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sledding!!!!! in Arizona

It was Arizona. It was a little bit of a drive. It was cold. And it was AWESOME!!

The girls were freezing, the snow was a bit icy, the saucers fell apart in about two seconds, we all might have bruised our tail bones from the occasional rock, and I might have had to throw a lot of snow on Jeffrey to pay him back for a face-full of snow. Oh yeah. And we had to pretend to be married to the girls so they could eat at the restaurant, since neither was old enough. I need to go sledding more.


RC said...

Just when I think you're turning into a "mini-me" you do something like this. I have spent my entire life HATING snow and everything associated with it and YOU GO AND PLAY IN IT!!!!! Hope you had fun.

Bonnie said...

not enough to spell carbiener huh? weak!