Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let the Rhythm Take You Over .... Bailamos!

Now last night there was another birthday party. Yes, Miss Vanie had a birthday. And we did the first Latin thing she has ever done in her life. We went salsa dancing. It was odd, cause I felt the whole night like I was a very good dancer, though I have only been salsa dancing once. Though it could have been because no one else there was any good either, except for the Columbian cougar that I danced with that made me look ridiculous and uncoordinated. I do love dancing though. I remember trying to have my Ecuadorian mission companion show me how to move your hips with salsa dancing. That was my first experience with it. It was awful. Somewhere in between then and now I found my rhythm. It felt a lot like this:

Though it might not have been life changing, it has made the dancing thing more enjoyable. I definitely need to go more.

Me and the birthday girl.

Virgin shots they made for us.

Christin and J rockin' it out.

Annette and Johnny. They are so hot right now.


indeazgirl said...

excuse me, Me and Ivan looked AMAZING.
It was the most fun I've had dancing in maybe forever. Somewhere between my half a Red Bull and my virgin shot, I felt amazing.

RC said...

I was hoping for a little video of someone actually dancing. Is your technology slipping so badly that you can't post something like this? Where is my tech savy son when the salsa shaking booties are going?!! Go again and take and post a video not stills.