Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carbiener Vocabulary

I took Brea shopping yesterday and today. I just wanted her to have a nice pair of jeans. Referring to one of the pairs she tried on, I told her later that they were very sexy. I asked her if she felt sexy in them. She said she did if I thought she looked sexy in them.

I started thinking about a text message I got the other day from a friend, making fun of me for referring to the new gunmetal grey Kitchenaid as sexy. But it is. I started thinking about how much I use that word. The thing is, I don't use it just for the sake of using it. I genuinely see the world like that. Sexiness just seems to surround me. I'm not exactly sure what my parents did, and I am grateful for it, but I don't know if you could converse with me or either of my sisters at any given time for more than an hour without hearing some reference to "sexy".

Everyone sees the world how they want to. You read any Stephen Covey book and you will find chapters and chapters about personal paradigms. Everyone has their own black or yellow or rose colored glasses they see the world through. I'm not sure which color mine are, but I do know that they have a protective sexy coating on the lenses.


RC said...

You may want to curb your "sexy" outlook on things when you're around Brea's dad....just a thought. Fathers of the oldest daughter are likely to be a bit sensitive.

Mom said...

When you become a parent your are very careful how often or when you use the word "sexy" because truly this world is..well...perverted and only a few people understand what one might mean using that word. Candice has used the word "saucy" quite often and the other day Kaitlynn told her she looked..Your guessed it. SAUCY!!