Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Almost Time to Party

I met Jeffrey years ago. The first time I really remember speaking to him, he had come over for dinner for one of Christin and mine's dinner parties. And he was funny. He had come over a few other times, for games nights or whatever. The thing is, I didn't really think I would like him that much. I certainly thought we were far too different to ever really be close friends.

Three and a half years later, here I am planning his bachelor party. Somehow, I am the best man at his wedding. I'm grateful for this, for the friend that he is and for the friends that I have surrounding me right now. I feel very lucky that I have the social group that I do. However, planning this bachelor party is a bit stressful. Especially when I found out that it would be impossible to get penguins to the party legally. It is probably going to be a bit messy and expensive to drain our pool and fill it with green jell-o, Devo is way too booked to come and play for us, and it is probably not very practical to stage a Spain-esque tomato fight in the streets of Mesa. Whatever it is, it needs to be epic. And I need to get on this.

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RC said...

So what part of "legally" has ever stopped you before??? I think penguins would be cool in the pool.