Friday, May 7, 2010

Otro Capítulo Se Acaba

Well I'm packed.

Christin got sad this afternoon and now it's my turn I suppose. How lucky I am that I got to spend these years living with my big sister. I sure do love her.

I feel like this is a good step, I think we need some change. It will be a new adventure and I have a great roommate to live with when I get home.

But as great as he is he won't be her. He probably won't ask me to iron his scrubs or make his lunch for him. He won't ask me to go to Cosmo and get him some Curls Rock. He probably won't give me a hard time for taking so long to get ready for church. He probably won't wake me up in the morning to tell me about his crazy patients at work the night before. He won't help throw me a Bond birthday party or get me a Buckle gift card or gelato or want to go float around in a raft on Tempe Town Lake for my birthday or throw dinner parties for our ward. Who am I going to tease for making a Blue Steel face in the mirror? And more importantly, who am I going to where my "brother" shirt with?

I know this seems awfully dramatic considering I will be living within fifteen minutes of her, and maybe this has a lot to do with the stress of this week of finishing school and moving, but it still doesn't help stop these tears from running down my face.

I sure will miss living with this cute little blonde.
I'm gonna miss living with my sister.
I love you.


indeazgirl said...

I love that you managed to cover so many of our good times in those pictures.
I don't love that you made me cry all over again.
Just kidding. I do. Sometimes crying feels nice. And this is a mixed happy/sad cry, and those are generally ok. :-)
Just so you know, I love you so much. We are so lucky to have had these years together after living apart for so long. It's good to know my brother and I can still have talks until 3 in the morning.
And this time mom couldn't yell at us to go to bed.
You have been an awesome roommate. I have a feeling no one else will be quite as chill or quite as appreciative of my eccentricities and my random dinners (or snacks, for that matter).
I love you little brother.
Now let's go find some people to marry already, huh?

A.C.K. Family said...

she is cool! i have to admit sometimes i wish i could room with you two, such fun.

RC said...

I thought there would be way more comments than this for this entry. You two are a great duo and I am amazed at some of the things you've done. I'm your father and still am amazed. I do think it will be a good move for both of you and wish you success in your quest for the eternal mate you each deserve. I only hope it will turn out as well as mine did.