Friday, May 7, 2010

No Regrets

There is a time to be responsible.
But honestly, way too many people don't do fun stuff cause they are too busy or are doing the responsible thing. This week I have been crazy crazy busy. But I went to the Ironman 2 showing tonight at midnight even though I haven't slept much and I have a 9:40 final tomorrow and have to pack my room still and have to write another four page Spanish paper and make a fourteen hour drive. Tomorrow. But it was awesome. And I would do it again. No regrets, that's my motto (a reference from Out Cold when the friend gives the protagonist the pep talk to go win his engaged-to-another-man love of his life back. Whatever, you get the point).

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RC said...

I wish I was young enough to go without sleep and be totally unconscience of things like responsibility. I guess you get things done even though it drives me out of my mind knowing what your schedule is and how you go about making it happen.