Sunday, May 30, 2010

Times to Smile

I love that I know that mom just gasped when she saw this picture.

And no I don't think this happened because I got the tires for super cheap from a Mexican tire shop. I sort of jumped a curb in my Camry the other day. And though I don't think she particularly enjoyed it, it didn't appear like I broke anything. Though the steering column would periodically wobble. I was planning on having it looked at Tuesday, as tomorrow is memorial day. However driving home tonight after dropping off a co-worker at someone's house for a barbecue, the car started shaking pretty violently and then black chunks of something started flying off my car. It was pretty intense. I pulled over and this is the tire I found.

The funny thing about blogs is it makes it a little more exciting to have bad things happen because you think about blogging it the whole time that it's going on. And with this it at least broke the monotony of my life right now. And as weird as it is to say it is kind of a blessing it happened. Cause it was Sunday afternoon, I was really close to the house, and Tom could bring out my lug wrench to me. I figured out (I think) what the problem was with my car. Blessings come in so many forms.


indeazgirl said...

Holy crap. That almost made me gasp. And I totally know what you're saying about bad things being great blog posts. You know I have one coming....
p.s. I'm really really glad you're ok

RC said...

So the llanteras es malo, huh? Guess the Camry isn't made to go 4 wheelin'? They just don't make tires like they used to. So many things to say and what it really comes down to is......what were you thinkin' jumping curbs with that car?!!!!!

Glad you weren't hurt and all is well now. Take the doughnut off and buy another tire, TODAY! I love you, dad.

Bonnie said...

There have been MANY times as your mother that I HAVE gasped, but in the entire picture of your life, this isn't the worst! I said to myself (or to God) thankgoodness he didn't roll his car. You are still my Brad and I have this little part of me that prepares for the worst. PLEASE BE MORE CAREFUL CUZ I LOVE YOU!!!