Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad Company

Sometimes you need someone around to tell you that what you are about to do is a bad idea. Jeffrey is not that person for me, nor I for him. We're actually terrible together. Example: the other night we were up talking after the others went to bed, until about three. When we got up to go to bed, I realized I was hungry and said, "I wish we had doughnuts," referring to the tasty little Hostess morsels that have filled our apartment the last few weeks. "Let's go get some," says Jeffrey. So after a quick search we find that there is in fact a 24 hour doughnut shop seven miles from our house, called Yum-Yum doughnuts. Now, was there a good selection? Not at all. Were the doughnuts they had exceptional? Definitely not. Were the homeless people sleeping in there a little creepy? Yes. Would I go again? Absolutely.


RC said...

You keep stuffin' that pie hole of yours and your gonna end up fatter than me!!! Pass the doughnuts please!

Bonnie said...

Have you eaten anything green lately (something molding in your frig doesn't count)? Whose kid are you? Your last few blogs (though they looked good) made me want to jump in my car and drive to CA to give you total cleanse diet:) and then a bunch of vitamins!!!