Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Perfect Night

A lot of nights in your single twenties you sit around with your friends and wonder what you should do. We had been planning on going dancing but one of the girls that we were going with broke her toe so that didn't happen.

When we got home from work Jeffrey, Gene, and I ran down to get our favorite pizza from Luigi's Pizza Garden. The two medium pizzas were delicious, and exactly the right amount. Then we enjoyed delicious smoothies in my awesome new blender ("awesome" might be an understatement).

We decided our best bet was bowling. The problem is I knew we wouldn't be there 'til almost one. The first alley of course closed at one. I next called Country Club Lanes and I heard one of my favorite phrases ever, "We're open twenty-four hours." Excellent.

I put on my new socks and grabbed my shoes. A car ride later filled with amazing renditions of 500 Miles, Bad Romance, and I'm Shipping Off to Boston, we arrived. Now not only was this a twenty-four hour bowling alley, but it was only twelve dollars. For unlimited bowling. I know, right?!?!

I'm really not much of a bowler. I do have awesome shoes. However, I bowl anywhere from about 80 to the two times I broke 200. This night was one of those good nights. This picture is after my first game. That's right. 233.

Yes, that is SEVEN strikes in a row.

I didn't actually think it could get any better. I was feeling pretty awesome. But then I bowled a 236. I know, right?!?!

The next game was full of me bowling between between my legs, and a lot of awesome dancing. Really, this was maybe the best night ever. Until we come back for laser tag next week.

It has a SMOOTHIE button!!


Anonymous said...

236 doesn't count if you use bumpers...

Miss you lots and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Bonnie said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!! Glad you bowled so good. It makes me wish my SON hadn't lost my monogramed blue bowling ball years ago:(