Monday, September 6, 2010

Who's Idea Was This?

A few months ago I was with Jeffrey when he found out about this music festival in L.A. "Buy me a ticket," I say. I'm still not exactly sure why I told him that I would go to this music festival of some thirty bands, none of which I had EVER heard of before. But at the time it sounded like fun. And it was only twenty dollars.

The group we were going with changed several times over the course of the next few months, and from the Phoenix area it only included me and Olivia. Olivia is Jeffrey's love for the time. I had seen her, though never spoken to her. The good news is we had a six hour car ride to get to know each other.

When we got there we decided to stay where Jeffrey was in the extension office. They decided to not go for apartments, but instead rent a very large house (it's on the market for 2.7 million) from some guy that ran out of money before completing it and couldn't sell it. Sounds kind of cool, but living with that many sales reps in a house furnished with pretty much just beds and a ping pong table isn't really all it's cracked up to be. But it was pretty to look at from the outside.

In the morning we had phenomenal pancakes at Original Pancake House (or something like that). Jeffrey had the German pancake, I had the Swedish pancakes, and Olivia had normal pancakes topped with peaches (and I ate two of them...). I didn't actually know I could be so impressed with a House of Pancakes. We headed afterwards to the venue, and proceeded to wait. And wait. And wait. See they made a mistake and didn't send the tickets to Jeffrey for some reason, so we stood in the will call line for three hours. Yep. Three hours. Now I could go off about how miserable this was, because it kind of was. However, I was able to take the opportunity to realize that this was not my normal crowd. It was probably the most interesting group of people I had ever seen. In my whole life. I decided later that I would start taking pictures of some of them for the blog.

Anyways. I really did have a good time. I enjoyed Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Mountain Goats, and !!!. And though I wouldn't listen to them much, we danced our little hearts out to The Rapture. Which in turn got everyone within twenty feet of us dancing. And it was awesome.

By the time everything wrapped up it was almost twelve. And yes, I was starving. We made our way to Pink's which is pretty famous for their hot dogs. And it happened to be next to one of the funniest signs I have EVER seen. I had to immediately send this to a bunch of people.

And the hot dogs were awesome too.

And Sunday I found Bridget's brown doppleganger!!! I didn't realize it at first, but as soon as Jeffrey mentioned it to me, I couldn't see her as anything else. So we talked Olivia into going and asking her for a picture because she reminded her of a friend. Awesome.

I don't go out of my comfort zone nearly enough sometimes. What a great weekend.


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

I think she is cute.
I'm just saying.

Not to mention I have showed the virgin picture to a few friends. They all have almost died.


RC said...

Okay, I am not one for liking California for any reason since I got out of the service BUT it looked like you were having a good time there. No wonder they call it the land of fruits and nuts. Those were some awesome pictures you took. I think I may like Pinks, maybe someday you'll take me there. I think I could drive five hours for a great hot dog. As for the bands I think I would have passed but if the company was good (and it seems it was) I guess one could stomach about any kind of music for a few hours. Three hours of waiting in line would not have worked for me, just for the record. Glad you could step out of the comfort zone for a while and enjoy some of the other side (just don't go there for good).

indeazgirl said...

Wow. Those are some funky outfits. Wow.

I didn't know you stayed in such a pretty house.

That hot dog looks insane. And you look cute in the picture.