Saturday, December 27, 2008


It was different. We had a mini Christmas with friends the week before on the 19th. I got some really cool things from my friends. They're pretty awesome (my friends). I got an Easy Bake Oven for Kristine. I painted a picture for John that we had seen while eating at Pita Jungle one day. Bridget got me a Spain travel guide. Tyler got me a slingshot. I got Ariana something that still isn't here (very cool though). Bridget and I got Christin these Salt and pepper mills that she has wanted for five years. It was good Christmas shopping. I really enjoy presents that I think that people will like.

It was nice being home for a few days with my family. My dad said it was a much smaller Christmas even though it really didn't feel like it. Adam put a bow on Tate's head. Kaitlynn was excited about everything. Christin and I read Jolly Old Santa Claus by ourselves since everyone else went to bed. Nana cried. My mom got mad when people took pictures of her. It was nice that that was normal. Everything was a little different, but y'know, it still was Christmas. And it was still great.

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RC said...

So it was a lot smaller of a Christmas than last year but I guess I can't give your mama a trip to Prague every year. Nana always cries so that is almost tradition any more, along with your mama not wanting her picture taken, or you and your sister staying up until all hours of the night/morning. Carbiener traditions for Christmas time!