Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Weird White Shirt

Christin and I joke a lot about how much alike we think and are. We do a lot of things very similarly. Much of that I think you can attribute to the amount of DNA we share. Some things seem a little weird.

Two days ago I decide that I need a little more variation in my wardrobe. I think that if I get a long sleeve ribbed white shirt that I could wear it with quite a few things. So I run a google search for it, though I can't find anything that is that great, at least in the five minutes that I dedicated to it. Christin comes home last night after shopping with John. "Look at the new shirt I bought," she says. Yep. This is it. She bought it in the men's section. I tried it on as well. Weird.


A.C.K. Family said...

It's such a good thing you took up anorexia so that you could share clothes. Now that's using your noggin.

RC said...

Even though you're skinny enough to wear it, she still looks better.

indeazgirl said...

Almost as weird as craving stuffed crust pizza after ten years on the same night.
I would let you wear this shirt more often if I didn't want to live in it.

Camille Elise said...

Hahahahaha! TOO funny! LOve it!