Sunday, December 28, 2008

John the Gangster/Global Protector/Movie Lover

During dinner tonight Tyler started talking about how he showered in this really cool shower, which I believe was a little like this. John immediately jumps in with a comment about how much water that wastes. Christin and I look at each other and start laughing. Pretty hard. Here's some background.

The first time I see this picture I show Christin. "This is the shower I want!" Christin immediately googles it.

John to me is the epitome of responsibility. He paid for half of his mission by recycling, a project he started when he was ten. He is very smart with his money. He keeps a good reserve in his bank account and is very responsible with his purchases. He drives a very fuel efficient, reliable Toyota Camry. Of course he regularly rotates his tires and such. He probably takes very short, luke-warm showers. He unplugs our Christmas tree every time we leave the house. He is concerned if we leave our fan on if we are gone overnight. If we go on a trip he needs to plan out how much gas we will use. Now I am not trying to frown upon this. I think it is very good. Just not something that the Carbiener's are especially good at. Or really give a second thought to.

We went on to laugh about how Christin read reviews about how someone had to purchase a second water heater. Instead of changing her mind, she simply added a second water heater into the cost of it. We laughed harder as we joked about watering the yard with Christin's excess water, about Mexicans stealing water from her front yard, about Palisades' reservoir being at half capacity because of her shower, etc. I don't actually remember the last time I laughed that much. I laugh until I cry probably once a week. It doesn't take that much. But tonight I laughed so much it hurt. It was great.

Another thing about my friend John is that he loves talent, in every form besides country music that is. Even in really old, kinda lame musicals. Tonight I tell John that I don't want to watch The Sound of Music. These are two of my favorite comments that followed:

"This is not a weird movie, it is an academy award winning musical."
"I've never seen My Cousin Vinny, but it damn sure can't be better than The Sound of Music.

Only a certain brand of gangsters have a place in their hearts for The Sound of Music. - Christin

John, I'm glad you are around. I'm glad you are there to make me feel guilty for not shutting off the water while I brush my teeth. And for showering daily. And for flushing the toilet every time I go to the bathroom. You're the best white gangster/global protector/movie lover I know.


Aaron said...


Tell Christin to get an Instant Hot Water Heater (IHW) or tankless hot water heater when she puts this shower in her dream house, that way there is no 40 gallon or 80 gallon limit to her showers, it heats up the line and never stops. Plus it's more energy efficient than a regular hot water heater, John will be happy, rather than allows heating water and storing it, it only heats water when you need it. We'll put it in Christin's dream home some day.-Aaron & Emily

Anonymous said...


I love John. A WHOLE lot.

A.C.K. Family said...

Me too, we love John. Maybe he needs a new nick name. I think Captin Planet has a good gangster vibe to it.

indeazgirl said...

haha. Oh, I love this post. Maybe because I love all the fun things that make up who John is and amaze me. He is Californian to the bone.
And you gotta love it.

RC said...

I think if we could get him to listne to Patsy Cline a few times we may be able to get that California gangster out of his head and straighten him out.....