Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Big Storm

We had this crazy big storm last night. There was actually a tornado like twenty minutes away. It knocked out the power at my apartment complex for about an hour. I got my Ryobi flashlight out of my car and the guys sat around the living room playing guitar for a while, but it came back on around 12:30. When I first woke up around nine this morning, the storms intensity had kicked up again and the power was back off. Work has been postponed for the time being. Here’s a little clip of the video from last night. There isn’t any good lightning in this one, but you can hear the rain or hail hitting the outside of my room. As annoying as it is that my food is slowly going bad in the fridge, it was still sweet. Good thing I finished off my half gallon of Blue Bell last night. Whew.

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