Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scared of a Very Nice Dad

A few times in my life I have been nervous about telling my dad something. The circumstances are all different, but generally it is me doing something that I probably shouldn't be doing, but I do it anyways. For example:

Back in January I owed my dad some money. I actually still owe him that money. However, I got offered a trip to Hawaii for $200. I knew it would cost a litte more with the hotel and stuff, but it was really too good of a deal to turn down. Even when I knew that the $500 I spent probably should have gone to my dad. Because of this, I waited almost three months to tell my parents about that trip. I was a little worried my dad might punch me in the face.

Recently, I "borrowed" a Husky socket set from my father. I actually would have asked, but he was at church still. I wasn't sure if he really would want me to take them though, and I thought that I could maybe get them back before he ever realized that they were gone, and then I would just skip the part about telling him. I thought that I should tell my brother-in=law Adam, cause I knew that was who my dad would ask first if he were to come to find out they were missing. I forgot to make that phone call to Adam though. My mom called me yesterday to chat and she mentioned that there was a lot of theft in the neighborhood. One or two cars had been broken into, and dad's socket set had been stolen. He had looked all of for them, tried to think if he loaned them to anyone, and finally went and filed a police report. "Umm, Mom . . . ," I sheepishly say. "Dad's sockets weren't stolen. I might have them at my house in Tempe." Yep, I was pretty sure I was gonna get punched for that one too.

That list could go on for a few more pages I'm sure, but I am proud to say I have made it nearly twenty-four complete years without having my dad punch me (even though that is probably more of an accomplishment on his part). Just wanted to say thanks for putting up with me dad. Sorry about the sockets. The good news is that even though I broke two of them, they had a lifetime warranty so I got you brand new ones!!!!


RC said...

Okay, so mom got a little over excited and said I did file a police report but I hadn't yet. I actually told her I was going to that day but I got too busy doing other things and never got to the cop shop in time to do it. I was however, going to do it the next day. While I was relieved to know they had not been taken (should I say stolen here?) I was a bit "miffed" that my loving son never bothered to mention this fact to me and I had a few "Malox Moments" thinking what I would like to do to the bum that took my $150 socket set from my truck. Anyway, safe and sound in Tempe is better than in a pawn shop somewhere. I expect that you will return them upon your return to Arizona and that for payment you will assist me in putting on the bed cover on my truck. (the fuel tank and tool box have been removed....with other tools than the sockets I was going to use). And just for the record I never wanted to punch you in face. Kick your butt now and then but never the face......

Katie said...

HAHA that's awesome! (In a strange sort of way...)